New things…


It’s been a busy last few days (and weeks) for me, so much so that I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m not going to be able to pick up the amount of reading that I was enjoying back before my promotion. Less reading will probably translate into fewer titles on my blog, so I hope you are OK with that. I used to be able to juggle one classic, one non-fiction title, and one fiction title all at the same time, but sadly, I must cut back out of necessity.

So – I’m back to reading one title at a time (instead of multi-tasking) and I’m actually fine with that. I’m enjoying what I’m reading as I go, AND I even returned all my library books as they were just sitting in a pile haunting me about not spending time with them. So – now, I feel as though I have more space in my head for the things that I can and need to fit in there. It’s a really good feeling.

You know that I’m all about words and writing, and so to support my writing a bit more (and to see if I can curb my absolutely terrible handwriting), I have plunked down some cash for a new fabulous ink pen, cartridges, and a snazzy Moleskin note book.

I have been yearning for a posh Moleskin notebook for ages, but couldn’t fork over the cash(read: too mean), but I won a gift certificate in a photography exhibition and used that to purchase the pen and notebook. And wow. Do I love writing with my ink pen…

It flows so smoothly and I just love to write with it. With the ink being what it is, I have found out that I need to write on some pretty nice thick paper (or it comes through to the back page) and there comes in the Moleskin notebook. Fountain pen + lovely notebook… Oh joy and be still my heart.
Anyway, I haven’t forsaken the reading word and I certainly haven’t forsaken the written word. I just have to balance my life at the moment in terms of cutting back on titles a bit.

And – if you haven’t tried a fountain pen since your messy-fingered* youth, I recommend taking another look at it.
It’s really fun now.

* That might have been only me who got ink over everything though. 🙂

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