Hello Community

Hello all. I am Liz’s husband David and am writing with very sad news. Liz passed away on June 7th after a very long battle with colon/stomach cancer. I know you all have been missing her posts. You have all been an inspiration to her and were very important to her as well. She would always keep me updated with new followers and really enjoyed interacting with this community.

I am keeping the site up so that people can look at past reviews etc. Any suggestions on what I can do with this wonderful collection of reviews would be greatly appreciated.

I appreciate you all as did Liz.

Keep in touch.


9 thoughts on “Hello Community

  1. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry David! I think I loved Liz’s posts about things on Cowboy’s head and Friday puns more than her posts about books. Condolences and love to you and the whole family.

  2. I’m so sorry, and thank you for taking the time and emotional toll to update us. I enjoyed Liz’s posts, too, and interacting with them in the comments. My condolences to you and Liz’s family and friends.

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