My [Other] Favorite Places on the Interwebs…

Clearly, when one reads this blog, you can tell that I am very interested in books – some topics more than others, but I like to read widely when something comes up.

However, it’s also true (but not obvious from this blog), that I also like other things that are not quite so book-y. In the spirit of sharing, I thought I would draw together a little list of blogs about these Other Things to help spread the joy this holiday season. (One or two book-y extras might be slipped in. You know I can’t resist the call of the Sirens.)


For a look at the world of book collecting and what’s being auctioned where, try Fine Books & Collections. I think it comes out of North Carolina, but it covers collectable books all over the world. Fun to peruse!

Despite my penchant for gathering books, I do try to keep a minimalist outlook of material things in life, so I frequent a blog by Francine Jay called Miss Minimalist.   She’s got a young child so blog posts are not common, but there are some super-good archives to browse through. She also wrote the book The Joy of Less (see blog post here ).

For a good laugh and general interesting-ness about the world, I go to the Daily What   (and sister sites of LOL Cats etc.) Clever and a bit snarky take on the world around us.

For some down-to-earth financial advice, new and old, (plus the guy is usually pretty interesting in what he writes), I check out The Simple Dollar  by a guy called Trent.

To balance out my underwhelming domestic skills, I usually check out what New Domesticity has to say – she takes an opposite tack to the Cup Cake mania and looks at this trend in a more objective and critical thinking style. Good for thinkin’!

Speaking of cooking/eating, Epicurious has a good interactive map of the U.S. to find out which produce is season in your area… Check out the map  for what’s in season in your area.

And then a really well-read and interesting selection of book titles is found at Maphead’s blog.

And for an ongoing conversation about all sorts of books with lovely people like you and me, check out Reader’s Paradise.

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