Things on Cowboy’s Head: Guest Post


Here is DB (or, on a less positive behavior day, Diablo). She is also a rescue, and just showed up one day and decided to hang around. She was pretty feral for about two years or so, but after a concentrated effort of teaching her that we weren’t out to kill her at every opportunity, she has chilled out enough to hang out inside with Cowboy.

Cowboy is Diablo’s best friend, and I’d argue that Cowboy Cat is the only cat to fully “understand” Diablo’s┬árather complicated personality. DB’s a good cat, but after living outside in all weathers and being chased by almost everything in the neighborhood, she understandably has a few issues although she does trust me. No sudden movements or loud noises, and follow her lead in how you approach her, and you should be ok.

(DB almost snuggled with me the other night. It was like trying to snuggle a rather nervous tiger.)

She’s come a long way and we’re glad she chose us to be her Forever home.