March 2017 Reading Review


March was a decidedly stronger reading month for me, but I’m not really sure why it was. I think some of it was that I read shorter page length books for the most part, but not certain. Most of the titles that I chose were NF (only 2 F titles this month), and, though I bow my head in shame, only two female authors and one POC. No really old books either as most of them were from the twentieth century. Interesting. (To me, at least. Maybe not so riveting for you!)

To the books:

This coming month will probably follow a similar reading pattern (in terms of number of books I read). Nothing too stupendous on the immediate horizon, but I’m looking forward to reading more titles from my TBR and less from the library. (My TBR pile is a tiny bit too high for my liking so I’ve instituted a book-buying ban for the next few months. We shall see.)


Update: I’ve bought two books this week. Must. Do. Better. 🙂


2 thoughts on “March 2017 Reading Review

  1. I read equal amounts of fiction and non-fiction last month and also had a good reading month. What have you got coming up? I’ve got a mixture of TBR and review books.

    • Coming up is… I’m not really sure. Finish up a couple of stragglers (one F and one NF), and then the sky’s the limit really. Oh, I do need to read a Lonely Planet guidebook for an upcoming trip to the SW USA…. I’m in charge of planning, I think. Zounds. Any books you’re really looking forward to? (Excuse the sentence ending in a prep…) 🙂

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