Pen News

I know you’ve been dying to know about the pen purchase the other day, and I finally remembered to take a pic to show off my new proudly acquired little writing friend. Here she is:


Ahhh. Hello, my little sweetness.

This is a Pilot Metropolitan with a fine nib in gold brush finish. It’s the same model as my previous ink pen purchase last year, a pen that I have fallen head over heels in love with and that I adore. Another plus: I even use it for most of my notes at work meetings and similar so it’s not something that just sits around being neglected.

It’s perfectly balanced for my hand, a joy to write with, and might even improve my handwriting a bit, all of which to say is a miracle if you ask me. I also ordered the little cubist pen case (or as it was called in England in my youth a pencil case) in a color which just makes me smile when I see it at meetings. The ink is pink. Perhaps not the most professional color ink to use, but as it’s my pen and my writing, I am planning on using this when my current cartridge runs out. I’m wondering how pink is pink…

The fine nib makes a difference as well. I like the medium nib, it’s true, but sometimes only a fine nib will do the trick. (You know you’re OCD* about pens and ink when this is a concern to you in your daily life!) This combined w my Moleskin notebooks makes me a very happy person…

Does anyone else have a thing about ink pens? Or any pens? Or office stationary? Please say yes. 🙂

P.S. Completely unrelated to the topic of post, but dying to know anyway: Has anyone see the AbsFab movie? I keep hoping it’s going to come to my city, but the odds are going down week by week. 😦

  • Not to make light of a serious condition. My sister and I both have some tendencies and we call it “Overly Caring” instead of the slightly judgy tone of “Obsessive Compulsive.” It works for us. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pen News

  1. I have a thing about pens. I used only Parker Vectors for years, with different nibs for different purposes (wide ones for cards and letters, narrower ones for book journal keeping). I splashed out on a Twsbi Eco recently – it has a plunger integral to the pen to bring up bottled ink, and is clear, so you can see how much ink you have and which colour is in it. I am now trying to resist getting several of them so I can have different colour inks in them. It writes beautifully, too – I’m a convert!

    • Coincidentally enough, I went to dinner w friends (two of whom are also pen addicts), and both of them are recent converts to the Twsbi Eco as well. (Even to having special travel packs for the pens and a sample pack of all the different inks.) We spent a fun hour messing around with the pens and inks… The world is a small place sometimes! (P.S. I’m also interested in these pens now!)

      Actually, do you use special notebooks and/or paper to prevent bleed-through?

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