New titles in the house…


So – I can not deny that a few new titles may have crept into the house lately. One point to keep in mind is that, in order to maintain my goal of not buying too many books [hollow laugh], I managed to miss my library’s annual book sale, and that even when there was one day still to go when it was open, I didn’t. [Gives myself a big gold medal for such literary control.]

However, it’s amazing how sometimes books can be found everywhere and end up being rather hard to resist. 🙂 With that said, here are the titles that I have picked up on my wanderings in my home town and beyond:

new titles_Sept 2015

(L-R) –

  • Read On: Life Stories – Rosalind Reisner (2009)
  • The Oxford Book of Letters – Anita Kermode, Frank Kermode (2003)
  • A Curious Mind – Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman (2014)
  • Apple of my Eye – Helene Hanff (1995)
  • The Time Machine – H. G. Wells (1895)
  • Forever Fifty and Other Negotiations – Judith Viorst (poetry) (1989)
  • A Pocket Book of Modern American Stories – Philip Van Doren Stern (1955)
  • The Jewel in the Crown – Paul Scott (1st in the Raj Trilogy) (1966)

So this seems to be an interesting collection to me. I’m especially looking forward to the short story collection as I seem to have the attention span of a gnat and short stories may fit the bill. Plus, I’m curious to see what constitutes “modern” in this collection that was published in 1955.

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