The Handcraft Craze Continues…


Now that life is somewhat calmer (and a lot quieter), I’ve been having a lovely time exploring things other than reading (although it’s still in the mix, of course). As mentioned the other day, I did go ahead and pick up some cross-stitch again after a long time not doing it.
A few false starts (and a few unsavory words) later, I’ve remembered how to “do” cross-stitch and had forgotten quite how fun and how addicting it was for me. I had ordered a rather posh cross-stitch kit from Belgium (I think) as I find it pretty challenging to find a design from the U.S. that appeals to me and that would be fun to stitch at the same time.

And so I’ve started doing cross-stitch whilst we continue our binge watching of “The Wire” – a rather odd mix but now that I’ve generally got the characters worked out, I find that I can effectively keep up for the most part while my nose is deep into the stitching.

So – now – not only do I have the endless rallying cry of “Just one more page…” but it’s now also “Just one more stitch!”


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