November 2014 Reading Review


For November, I read the following titles (with links to blog posts about said book where there is one):

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves – Lynn Truss

Life Before Man – Margaret Atwood (F)

Dishes – Shax Riegler

The Death of Ivan Ilyich – Leo Tolstoy (F)

Coasting – Jonathan Raban

The Ladies Paradise – Emile Zola (F) (post to come)

The History of the Dead – Kevin Brockmeier  (F) (Post to come)

My Man, Jeeves – P. G. Wodehouse (F) (no post of any note)

Ongoing read: Ten Years in the Tub – Nick Hornby (NF)


Total number of books read in November: 8

Total number of pages read: 2342 pages (av. 292 pages)

Fiction/Non-Fiction: 5 F and 3 NF

Library books vs. books I owned (and thus removed from the home abode): 2 library books and 3 owned books; 3 e-books this month. (Total of 44 books off TBR pile this year. Yahoo!)

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