A Sensible Life – Mary Wesley (1990)


Life has been a bit busy lately so not as much reading as I’d like. However, I did finish Mary Wesley’s A Sensible Life which was mostly good. (Almost put it down after a slow beginning but then it picked up and got much better.)

It was a good read, except that it was one of those reads where there’s not a lot to say afterwards. I quite like Wesley’s books in general and this was on the TBR pile. It’s not a keeper.

I just learned about Wesley’s life. Her bio reflects that she was a bit crabby for a lot of her life, and there are times in her books when you can see this. One notable tidbit about her:

Late in life, Wesley ordered her own coffin from a local craftswoman and asked that it be finished in red lacquer. She kept it as a coffee table for some time in her sitting room and requested that a photographer from a large magazine feature take a picture of her sitting up in it. The idea was politely declined. 🙂

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