Words New to Me…


  • Damaraland – name given to north-central part of what has now become Namibia
  • Glen of a brawling stream” (brawling) – to flow noisily (as in water)
  • Plashing (re: water) – a gentle splash OR a pool or a puddle
  • Runnels (of a bog) – a small stream or a brook with narrow channels; a rivulet
  • Haugh (re: a river) – (Scottish) a low-lying meadow by the side of a river
  • Slewed (along a road) – to turn something on its axis to change direction (i.e. turn car around)
  • Leather ulster – heavy overcoat (see image)
  • Boss (“on the central boss of a huge country) – a protuberant part of land (higher than surroundings)
  • Suckle (“a back like a suckle”) – don’t know. Any ideas? It refers to a human’s back.
  • Tonneau – rear seating in back of older cars, quite smaller than the front.
  • Burn (landscape/Scotland) – a watercourse (ranging in size from small to large river)
  • Monkey-faced pistol tricks – umm. Not sure. Any ideas?
  • Press (Scottish word linked with cupboards?) – a cupboard that is attached to the wall and stores things (British)
  • Lentonite – a type of explosive (another name linked with dynamite perhaps?)
  • Mill-lade – type of water mill (or part of a water mill?)
  • Gloaming – time after sunset and before the dark. (I knew this deep down inside.)
  • Lee (“the lee of a stone dyke”) – the side that is sheltered from the wind
  • Lasher (re: a mill) – the slack water that is collected about a weir in a river
  • Trunk call (re: telephone) – a long-distance telephone call (first seen in 1905 British)
  • Canting philosophy of a grapeless fox” – ??? (From Sister Carrie.)
An Ulster coat.

An Ulster coat.

(Taken from Sister Carrie (Dreiser) and Thirty Nine Steps (Buchan).

“Some people have a way with words, and other people…oh, uh, not have way.” Steve Martin

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