Reading Chit-Chat

So with the days-long food poisoning bout, that rather put a damper on things, reading and other-wise. I couldn’t eat for ages (living on Vitamin Water and saltines) and even worse: I couldn’t face reading. I know – I must have been sick to think that.

All I could face after a few days of just lying there was flicking through the Christmas catalogues which seem to be arriving steadily each day through the postbox. My. It’s amazing to see some of the products which are available, and it’s even more amazing that people will buy them. 🙂

Reading-wise was a bit slow: I finished up “Queen Camilla” by Sue Townsend (she of Adrian Mole diaries fame). A light-hearted look at what the world might have looked if the UK monarchy had been removed from power and had to live on a rough housing estate in England. Enjoyable, but I do think I missed quite a few jokes as they were reliant on familiarity with UK politics during the 1990’s I think. Not bad though, and keep in mind, I was reading it sick as a dog at the time.

Started and finished “We Shall Always Live in the Castle” by Shirley Jackson. This was a bit confusing mainly because I had it in my head that this was really another book entirely by another author, so I kept waiting for it to be like that and it never was. Rather an odd mystery story written in 1962.

And then picked up Julia Child’s autobiography, “My Life in France”, which I love and adore even though I am not really a Foodie. She seemed to be a very nice funny down-to-earth person and I would have loved to have a cuppa with her at some point.


And then, picked up “The Odd Women” by George Gissing, which I adore and can’t get enough of. (Victorian guy.) More on that later, I am sure.

Very happy that I got my reading mojo back. Phew. No appetite? No worries. No reading? Crisis. (I get my priorities straight, I do.)

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