Cowboy Impressions

Cowboy Cat doing her very best impression of a beached whale.

We have been adopted by a large and very sweet cat we call Cowboy (who is a girl. Roll with it.) Her name derives from the fact that she is a bit *odd-looking* (said in a whisper so as not to hurt her feelings). She has feet that face outwards (pigeon-toed?) and bowed legs (like old cowboys can be after years of riding in the saddle – thus her moniker) and is HUGE.  I weighed her yesterday – twenty pounds huge.

She looks a bit like a Mr. Potato Head in that she seems to be made up of various unconnected pieces from other cats all joined together in one body.  However, she is extraordinarily gentle, very sweet and generous with her purring.

She is very tough when she needs to be and is happy to put Avi Puppy in his place in the home pecking order. She also does a very good impression of a beached whale. And she loves the (mostly) indoor life spending most of her time taking 20-hour naps in preparation for her next meal.

Today’s Cowboy Adoration Moment is brought to you by Fancy Feast. 🙂

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