Chicago Love Continued…

I had a few moments and went through some of the photos I took in Chicago in my visit there the other day. I love that city.

To start off, the fantabulous city skyline…

Some detail of the ceiling in the old Chicago Public Library (by Tiffany):

A basic social guideline, Chicago-Style:

Hotel we stayed in:

View from hotel:

Public art was everywhere… (Fantastic job, Chicago!)

My first sighting of the StoryCorps van (NPR), but no one was in it… :

I love the Bean:

Me and my mum reflected in the Bean:

More of the Bean’s reflectivity:

Chicago’s outdoor areas were *amazing*:

Some interesting Chicagoan architecture. (We took the great river architecture tour…)

I really did enjoy Chicago. The people were lovely, the atmosphere was not too manic (like NYC seems to be) and not as humid as DC. I wonder what it’s like in February… (Brrrrrrrr.)

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