New Words to Me…

Taken from “Lady Audley’s Secret” – M. E. Braddon and a few from Forster’s “A Room with a View”…

  • Druggett – a coarse woolen fabric felted or woven and printed on one side
  • Colliers (boats) – should have recognized this one. It refers to people involved in producing (digging/mining etc.) coal… Don’t remember any coal-mining talk though in the book.
  • Timon (myth) – reference to Shakespearean play called “The Life of Timon of Athens” – haven’t read this (or even heard of it before), but think it’s about the fortunes of some rich Athenian guy…
  • Pallas Athene (in the manner of…) – another name for Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration etc.)
  • Burnous (clothing) – a cloak of coarse woolen fabric with a hood, usually white
  • Isingclass (food) – product of gelatin and used in confectionary and other desserts
  • Tocsin – an alarm sounded by means of bells
  • Figured silk (type of dress) – silk material ornamented with a pattern of some type
  • Hurt bushes (flora) – not sure. The only mention that I could find was to do with the Super Mario Wiki game… !
  • Chorically – of or pertaining to a chorus; linked with style of Greek chorus…

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