New (to me) words…

So, I have been making a list of new-to-me words, mostly from Edith Wharton but other random sources as well:

  • Herdic (re: transportation) – type of horse-drawn carriage (late 1880’s US)
  • Vicegerent – official administrative duty of a rule or head of state
  • Enfiladed – gunfire directed along the whole length of a target (e.g. down a straight trench from end to end etc.)
  • Fatuities – self-satisfied unintelligence combined with complacency
  • Vaticanations – the art of prophesying (Link with the Vatican/Catholic church somehow?)
  • Aigrettes – tuft or plume of feathers used in head dress
  • Sacerdotal – related to priests or priesthood
  • Encaustic – related to art using wax
  • Philippic – a fiery damning speech delivered to condemn political person
  • Miry (re: weather) –  swampy damp ground
  • Sneck (re: gate) – door latch (in Northern UK and Scotland 13th century)
  • Plethoric – overfull, turgid. (Related to “plethora” as in “a lot”)
  • Adumbrations – to give a sketchy outline or foreshadow
  • Surcharged ceiling? – Was there a ceiling tax at some point? (Similar to the old window tax in UK?)
  • Lemtta – ??
  • Gnomic – resembling or containing proverbs or other aphorisms

So many words, so little time… 🙂

2 thoughts on “New (to me) words…

  1. I love novels that send me rushing to the dictionary. I hadn’t realised Wharton was so prolific in this area. Definitely time to read more widely where she is concerned.

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