Titmuss Regained – John Mortimer (1990)

This was a super-fun read, solidly written with believable characters. Mortimer must be from a similar background as my parents as he describes people who are very alike to the friends my parents would have over for dinner. He also describe chunks of England that seem very familiar to me.

Besides this comfortable feeling of “being at home” with Mortimer’s characters, the plot itself was absorbing and I found myself looking for chunks of time to fall back into the upper-middle class world of Leslie Titmuss, the Secretary of State for Great Britain. The plot is fairly simple (a battle over potential development of a new town in Titmuss’ village), but just because the plot is simple does not make it predictable.

This is the second of Mortimer’s books that I have read and (thoroughly enjoyed), and so I was chuffed to find a 3rd non-Rumpole book at the library. (As mentioned, I know he wrote a lot of Rumpole mystery books, but not being a big mystery reader, I have stayed away from those. But perhaps I should shelve my mystery bias…? A good writer is a good writer, after all.)

One side note: When I returned to my old English town for a school reunion, somehow the school administrators had wangled Mortimer to come and deliver a speech at the event. At that time, I had not ever heard of him and so decided to hang out with my old school chums. In retrospect, I think I would have liked to have gone and heard him. I expect he was a good raconteur.

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