Meme Time…

This meme is floating around the blogsphere right now and seems quite fun. Just fill in the answers with the titles of books that you have read this year. (Meme credit: Pop Culture Nerd.)

One time on vacation:  State of Happiness – Stella Duffy

Weekends at my house are:  Breathing, In Dust – Tim Z. Hernandez

My neighbour is:  Racing Pigs and Giant Marrows – Harry Pearson

My boss is: The Doctor’s Wife – Sawako Ariyoshi

My superhero secret identity is: The Diary of an Ordinary Woman – Margaret Forster

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry because:  Fire on the Mountain – Anita Desai

I’d win a gold medal in:  The Gentle Art of Domesticity – Jane Brockett (hahahaha)

I’d pay good money for:  An Imaginative Experience – Mary Wesley

If I were President, I would: Bury the Chains – Adam Horchschild

When I don’t have good books, I am:  Left Neglected – Lisa Genova

Loud talkers at the movie theater should be:  Slaves of Solitude – Patrick Hamilton

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