The 2011 Texas Book Festival: To go or not to go?

Each year in Texas’ capital city, the Texas Book Festival is held – a two-day LitFest allowing for binging on authors, new books, readings, spoken word events and just generally milling around with like-minded bookie people. On the surface, it seems to be a really fun way to spend a Fall weekend. But is it?

As I am contemplating whether to attend the Festival this year, the one over-riding emotion that rises to the surface is anxiety. I know – this makes no sense. Why would I be anxious over attending one of the premier book festivals? I’ll tell you why: because it adds more titles in exponential levels to my TBR list (which, as you may have surmised by now, I am endeavoring to get under control at the moment).

However, let’s look at the Pros and Cons of attending the TBF this October:

Pros: I get to spend some quality time with my MIL (who is very sweet); I get to hang out with Big Name Authors and hear them on various panels on various book-related topics; it’s mostly held outside which can be lovely if it’s not too hot that day; it’s free; I get loads of freebies; my MIL is really looking forward to spending time with me at the Festival.

Cons: I get to spend some quality time with my MIL (:-)); I find out about loads of new titles of books to add to my TBR pile (making it even longer and more unmanageable); it’s mostly held outside which can be VERY hot in Texas; it’s tiring; it goes against my current goal of minimalism; it’s a plane ticket away and probably uses up a vacation day (which are treasured altho’ limited in my world).

Sheesh.  Six against it and six for it. Sigh. That didn’t really help.  Let’s take a gander at the Festival website:  Hmm. The agenda is not up yet, so no clue as to who will be there (author-wise). I did glance at the list of exhibitors who were there last year, and my heart went pitty-patt when I saw how many bookish groups were there. (Well, of course. It’s a BOOK festival. But it’s still very exciting.)

That last sentence was very telling. “Very exciting.” Perhaps those two words could be added to the Pros of attending the event.

I think that the wisest step at this point would be to wait for the Festival agenda to come out and see which authors will be there. That might make the decision much easier.  The website says the information will come out in July so hopefully soon.

4 thoughts on “The 2011 Texas Book Festival: To go or not to go?

  1. Another pro is meeting up with other book bloggers! I just missed it last year, when I moved back to Texas the week before and was just too busy, but I’m definitely going this year. 😀 I’m lucky, though: it’s only a ninety minute drive for me.

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